Divine Wisdom Guidance Session

wordsYour Soul is calling you to your highest good.

From birth every experience is a learning opportunity for you to decide whether you like or dislike it. What you dislike needs to be ‘let go in your life’ as you learn from it. What you like needs to be ‘incorporated into your life’ – but only for the time you need to learn from it. You have free will about your choices but often confusion sets in – which path to follow…

Many people extend their advice about your choices, offering their thoughts and ideas (based on their life and beliefs) about what they think would be the best for you.

HOWEVER – your spiritual soul is calling you to its own unique journey which it is experiencing through your physical body.

Picture1Everyone has your own unique fingerprint and your unique learning journey, guiding you to your highest good. This journey causes you to constantly be ‘outside’ your comfort zone.

This journey calls you to be consistently learning in different areas of your life as you align yourself. You are moving towards your greatest good, your greatest happiness, your greatest financial wealth, your greatest success. So think of it as ‘fine-tuning’ your mind and actions to ensure the greatest adventure of your soul.

This journey calls you to become your best and overcome your biggest challenges. It is also the most rewarding for you. Your journey embraces what you need for you and in that space and place – you are aligned to your highest good for yourself and humanity.

Janice helps guide you on your journey.

Janice has been receiving messages from ‘the other side’ for thirty years.

She has been divinely guided to create a Hollywood style movie to share personal development techniques and living life incorporating a spiritual aspect globally.

Janice has also been guided to host and help you align with these Divine Wisdom Guidance Sessions.

1st hour Your Past | 2nd hour Your Future

Janice utilizes personal development strategies to first confirm your uniqueness and journey thus far in your life, before framing questions for guidance from Divine wisdom.

2 hour sessions: $300 plus taxes

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